family. nostalgia

At present, members of the family are far away from home.  ‘family. nostalgia’ with its strong taste and aroma aims to give a vivid recollection of memories from the Greek countryside.

The researchers call nostalgia a “meaning providing resource”, a vital part of mental health. Nostalgia acts as a store of positive emotions in memory, something we can access consciously, and perhaps also draw on continuously during our daily lives to bolster our feelings. It’s these strong feelings for our past that helps us cope better with our future.

The ‘nostalgia’ flavor brings us back to our roots during November, where the first olives are collected and pressed at an early stage of the harvest process.

‘family. nostalgia’ contains early harvest extra virgin olive oil for a stronger taste and aroma. We believe in purity, with the full health benefits, directly from our family’s olive trees to your home.

Early harvested olive oil is nutritionally superior to regular extra virgin olive oil and more olives are required during cold pressing.

The premium quality is a result of the Messinian fruitful soil and the family’s love for olive oil.