family trees ⇈

For seven generations, the family Panagouleas has been producing extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality in Kampos AviasKalamata, Greece.

In it’s strong unique taste, you will recognize the sun of the Greek country side and appreciate the nutritional value of the Mediterranean cuisine.

The origin of the ‘family. nostalgia’ extra virgin olive oil is our family olive trees. The olives are always carefully handpicked, first cold pressing and bottling are taking place, under our supervision at a Kalamata olive-mill.

harvest & production process

– cold pressing
– the olives are hand-picked & directly to the mill
– no pesticides are being used
– acidity level 0.1 – 0.5%
– f.n is extra virgin olive oil (IOOC)
– Kalamata PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

Cold pressing (25C) ensures that substances such as poly-phenols, Vitamins K, E and omega 3-6 fats are not destroyed in the process. We welcome you to experience the unique taste, aroma & color.

The premium quality is a result of the Messinian fruitful soil and the family’s love for olive oil.

Thank you for choosing our family !