the family

The family presence to Kampos Avias dates back to the 16th century, with active participation in the Greek Revolution of 1821, as mentioned in the recent book ‘Window in History‘ by Nadia Panagoulea – Kyriazopoulou. ‘Maniates’ assert that no enemy entered ‘Mani’ through out the centuries as it was characterized by rough landscape and tough captains.

For seven generations, the family Panagouleas has been producing extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality in Kampos AviasKalamata, Greece. In it’s strong unique taste, you will recognize the sun of the Greek country side and appreciate the nutritional value of the Mediterranean cuisine.

the location

You are welcome to visit Kampos Avias for a walk around the house and the olive trees.

Thank you for choosing our ‘family.’

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